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#49 A Waltz at Midnight

Book Title: A Waltz at Midnight
Writer: Crista McHugh
Page(s): 55
Publisher: Carina Press

This is a second eBook which I’ve got from NetGalley. It was a short romantic novel, another kind of Cinderella Story that take place at 1866 in New York.

Susanna Parkwell and her brother Hank Parkwell are come from the South. Unfortunately, Hank loses his leg in Civil War. They have to live in a boarding house and work there for a place to stay. Both Susanna and Hank don’t like to live in that situation, but the circumstances make them have to. Susanna has to serve some rich girls which study at Vassar College.

One of these girls, Charlotte, receives a letter from a man named Theodore Barkley. The letter explains about an arrangement made by their parents that set them in to a business marriage. Charlotte asks for Susanna to write back the rejection letter, since she doesn’t want to marry Theodore. Susanna writes the letter behalf for Charlotte. Instead of feeling abandoned, Theodore is more curious for Charlotte and sends her many letters. He even sends Charlotte some sketch that made by him. Off course, it’s not Charlotte who reply all Teddy’s letters but Susanna. By their letters, they start to fall in live each others. Until one day, Teddy plans to meet Charlotte. Susanna gets upset about his plan, but Charlotte forced her to continue to play act. How will Susanna get out of this one without getting heartbroken?

There was some section where Susanna being a maid, and the clock struck 12 times to separate them deeply felt like Cinderella story. But I love to read all the letters imagine me being in Susanna side. Not only because of the choice words used by Theodore and Susanna, but also their thoughts about the impact of war, freedom, rights of women, and off course love.

Too bad the story is very short. I hope the character development of several villains like Annabelle, a rich girl who is always oppressive Susanna, or even from Hank and Charlotte. And although this is a romance story, you barely find a sexual scene but kiss :)

Well, I give three out of five stars to Susanna and Theodore.

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