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#125 No Mistletoe Required

Book Title : No Mistletoe Required
Writer : Jeanette Murray
Pages : 32
Publisher : Carina Press

Dan Beckins is a lawyer who doesn't like Christmas season, since his parents died by accident on Christmas day when he was young. But he can't resist when his friend Geoff con him into volunteering to build Santa's Winter Wonderland at the local hospital in the name of charity. And then he met Anna Smith, a big brown eyes and shorty nurse. She is  loves Christmas and volunteering at the hospital, where she spent her teenage time as one of the patient. She is also a cancer survivor (leukemia and benign breast tumor), and she want all children at that ward feel the joy of Christmas in Santa's Workshop.

Both Anna and Dan actually liked each other since they first met. Anna take the first step to approached Dan and took him to her bed. But each still keeping secrets of their past. When Dan started to open up to Anna, Anna actually break them. Anna doesn't think she could drag Dan into her life only to end up getting another form of cancer and having to go through the whole process of chemo and radiation and surgeries.

 “It’s just one of those times of the year where anything seems possible.”

Christmas is the time when anything seems possible. It also happened to Anna and Dan which is basically have different views about Christmas and their relationship. I love the interaction between them, when they finally came to revealing their past. This novella can warm your heart on a Christmas season.

Thank you for Net Galley and Carina Press for giving me the opportunity to read No Mistletoe Required.

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  1. Aaaw.. it's sounds like a sweet romance just like a sweet christmast

  2. wih, cocok nih buat dibaca pas natal :)

  3. Iya nih.. menjelang natal banyak romance christmas season yang heartwarming

  4. Cowonya ganteng Mbak :P~