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#28 The House on Dirty-Third Street

Title:  The House on Dirty-Third Street
Writer:  Jo S. Kittinger
Page(s) : 32
Publisher:  Peachtree Publishers

A little girl and her mother are moving to the new house. The little girl seems disappointed with the house, since it looks dirty so she changes the name of the street (Thirty-Third to Dirty-Third). Mom tries to convince her that this house is perfect. But she said it horrible.

So, they start to move trash out from that house. They do it all alone. There are no neighbors ready to help. Until they get tired, and began to doubt about their decision to bought that house. Sitting in the floor, they looked back about their dream house. They miss their old neighbors and friends from church.

At Sunday, the little girl goes to the nearest church.  In Sunday school, she asks to be prayed about their new house, about their loneliness. Right after they back home, some people from that church come to visit and help them to clean the house. And somehow, it’s not a Dirty-Third Street anymore.
Try looking at it through the eyes of faith.
 That’s the moral story of this book.  Sometimes a reality is not in the line with our dream.  You need to hang on to your dream so you can enjoy the adventure about the new life. You should pray to the God for His help. And sometimes the help is beyond our imagination. Like in this story, when the little girl asked just for the faith, God send them new friends to going through.

 I got the copied of this e-book from NetGalley to be reviewed.  About the illustration, I think I didn’t like it.
It was a real photograph and modified by computer software. I love the old style of graphic book that made by hand.

Update :

I've got a email from Tom Gonzales, the illustrator of this book. He tell me that the picture is not a computer modifed, but real hand made. Below is his statement :

Hi, I'm the illustrator for The House on Dirty Third, and believe me, these are hand drawn. each of these illustrations, for the most part, took about 40 hours each to complete. The idea was to give them a gritty feel to them. I have a very keen eye for detail, I was a big fan of japanese illustrator back in the 70's and 80's.
Some of the models were made up with certain people in mind. I'm a portrait painter and can capture expressions very well. But I did wanted to send you my response to your posting on this. I've worked extremely hard to make these as "real" life as possible to reflect on the often-time futility of situations that seem bleak and frame them as a moment of despair without realizing that around the corner, there's something positive.
Anyhow, I was cruising the net and ran into your posting. Thanks for any feedback and I do appreciate the fact that you looked through the book. it was a very exciting project for me as I too lived once in a run down neighborhood when I lived in Cuba back in the 70's.
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